i am a graphic designer, digital marketing coordinator & communications specialist searching for a place to share my skills and continue to grow.  i'm also available for freelance design work to help you create custom branding, logos, & more. browse my work & drop me a line for inquiries.

who i am

be it at-home crafts or furniture upcycling, i have always been drawn to creative pursuits. more recently i decided to turn that creative passion into a career. i sought a degree in advertising and communications with a focus in graphic design where i had the opportunity to master the adobe creative suite, canva, and procreate. i also have strengths in a handful of complimentary areas. as a student of communications i had ample opportunity to hone my interpersonal and practical skills while my studies in business and advertising allowed me to grow my organizational, analytical, and entrepreneurial abilities.

what i believe

since childhood i have found balance in the combination of art and organization. i believe there is something beautiful in the order that can be found within creation. this balance is what i strive to show in my work. while my path to a degree was a winding one, it ultimately led me on a journey of self discovery that has fueled my desire for innovation and success. i believe that all people must be willing to learn from their past selves in order to succeed in their future. as such, i try my best not to regret my mistakes, but instead to use them as an opportunity for growth. this choice allows me to bring resilience and compassion to my work. 

"in time the save bull doth bear the yoke"

william shakespeare, much ado about nothing